From the website:
Viscera specifically focuses on women gaining self confidence, knowledge, and growth through the creation of horror films.

This process is to achieve equality in the film industry, not domination.

Specializing in short horror films made by the female gender, the Viscera Film Festival hosts an annual bloody carpet event in Los Angeles for the selected Filmmakers, Special Celebrity Guests, and a live audience. Each Filmmaker receives a hand crafted Viscera Statue, along with promotional materials and the option to be distributed on the next Viscera DVD Compilation. Throughout the year, Viscera is continuously working to get the Viscera films screened and promoted all over the world.

Viscera is a non profit organization committed to expanding opportunities for contemporary female horror filmmakers and educating the public by raising awareness of the changing roles for women in the film industry.

A world wherein all individuals are equally given the opportunity to create, share, and exploit their concept of life, pain, and freedom of expression, while fully supported in their quest.

The Viscera Film Festival is simply revolutionary! Wether you already make films and want to be considered for the Fest OR you have never even picked up a camera VISCERA encourages and supports you in just doing it for the first time! Grab the camcorder like a chainsaw and spray the therapeutic bloody guts of creatively all over the place! Oh& then submit it to the Viscera Film Fest!!!

Watch the festival trailer now!

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