Saturday December 4, 2010

A lot has been going on and I would have liked to have written this post ages ago. However we do the best we can and here I am now so, let’s begin!

I am currently still taking submissions for the Sex/Horror theme issue of Ax Wound!

I am really excited about all the wonderful articles, stories, reviews, art people are currently working on for this issue. We will have some truth & fiction surrounding the subject of women and necrophilia, my article on ‘the first girl’ to die in slasher films (not the virginal final girl but the one who fucks and drinks and gets the Ax), a look at sexuality in the films of Frank Henenlotter, first hand accounts of specific horror films that shaped one readers sexuality/bdsm lifestyle, and so much more! I haven’t even begun to tell you all the radness that this issue will contain. Part of that is because YOU haven’t submitted yet.

Please note: “Regular Ax Wound Contributors” are awesome writers & artists who you will soon get to know well from the BIO page I am working on.

But what if I am not an official contributor? Can I still submit?

HELLZ YES! I have received loads of random submissions from incredible people. The only thing that makes someone an “official writer” for AW is that they submit work samples, explanation of why said person whats to be involved with AW, and a commitment to one feature article per print issue. Outside of that, though please submit regardless of anything.

Currently I have some really tiny sidebar assignments I love to give out to those who just want to do a little somethin’-somethin’ for the zine but don’t have lots of time. Please email me for these zine pages sidebar assignments!

You might notice a tab on the menu that reads BIG GAY HORROR. What is up with that!?!

My darling friend Brian Kirst has been writing about horror films from a queer perspective and said that Ax Wound/WiH inspired that project. Since Ax Wound deals with gender & sexuality in horror I asked if our site could promote his blog, since it’s oh so relevent to the AW mission. Aside from being my honorary blogger he has also accepted my invitation to be official co-host of Ax Wound Radio. The show has been on hold but will return very soon. I am very excited to spread the work of Brian Kirst and have him as my partner in crime on the radio. Haven’t heard the two of us in action yet? Visit the radio page and listen to the latest episode with Israel Luna & Bruce LaBruce.

That being said Ax Wound Radio will return very soon.

I have three shows planned that will be announced as they approach. I can promise they will be intelligent, informative, and totally audio gorecore <3

NOW, Let me tell you what Ax Wound has planned for the upcoming Women in Horror Recognition Month (Feb 2011)

and how you can get involved in these projects!!


Nia Edwards-Behi goes DIY!

There are three steps to this project on your part:

  1. I am asking you all to get out the sharpies, the glue, magazine cutouts, paint, anything non digital and create a poster/flyer promoting WiH Month Feb 2011. It doesn’t need to have anything specific on it other then have the website url ( and the rest is all your own to make up!
  2. Make photocopies (10 minimum) and hang them up locally/in your community — film spaces, art spaces, coffee shops, libraries, used music stories, etc. Hand them out at the movies or just leave them in random places for people to find! Take at least ONE PHOTOGRAPH of your flyer hanging up of not more!!!
  3. Send me either your original or a very clear scan of the original and I will be create a flyer art show in Feb with all the great ones yall make at a local art space in my town!

NO PAST ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Think back to being in kindergarten crafts time and have fun!!

I will be creating a page on this site to show case each flyer as they comes in! <3

ACTION #2 (a preview of something special to come)

I have already begun putting together a little something called BLOODBERRY CUNTCAKE SHORT STORY TIME (or something…like that)

‎I will be producing old skool horror audio entertainment ! Think pre-internet, pre-TV!!!! Remember how they had audio plays on the radio!? War of the Worlds is a great example. People would all pack in and sit close to the speakers, the imagination taking over as they listened to the narrative, actors, and sound effects.

I would like to bring this experience back! Meanwhile brining to life short horror fiction by YOU! Wouldn’t it be fun to hear your own story read ? I am very excited about this and will be launching submission details for writers soon. I’d like to get some recorded so we can have them available all throughout WiH Month! Some very excited musicians & actors are already on board with this project. I hope you will dig it!! I shall be reaching out to female writers to start and then will take submissions after that <3


In the coming months Ax Wound: Gender in the Horror Genre will be up on Kickstarter looking to raise money to publish the sex and horror issue (since I can no longer afford to do it and meet growing demand). If able to raise the $ it would allow us to get more distribution as the first & only cut n paste yet glossy horror magazine focusing on women as fans and working in the industry. Imagine how rad it would be to see Ax Wound next to Fangoria and Rue Morgue. I mean- We would be able to showcase SO many women working and making movies that other horror media just won’t cover. We wouldn’t have ‘special women in horror issues’ we WOULD BE ONE GIANT women in horror issue all the time! I am working on cost of printing, etc as I would not be looking to make even the slightest profit off this project. However if by some miracle we raise more then asked the writers & contributors would be paid first. I would however love to just raise the bare minumum to cover printing and distro costs.

Remember: it would still be totally cut n’ paste by hand however instead of me making photocopies i’d be able to afford to print it on glossy paper and definitely promise it will be proofread! ;) .

This project is being worked on in the background and sometime early 2011 you will see the surge of me begging for your support of indie print media <3

In the meantime! Submit your work to Ax Wound for the Sex & Horror issue by January 15, 2011!

hearts & butcher knives,

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